Welcome to 1st Street Burger House

Our Story is simple. We are two life-long friends who had one goal in mind: to create a quality product and bring it to our customers.

Our burger can answer a lot of questions if you let it. Ours are big and made with care. A good 3oz west coast style smash burger has its’ time and place, but that place isn’t here. Custom blends may be all the rage but for us 100%  chuck is the purest expression of burger happiness. (This same passion has also given rise to the best veggie burger on the planet.) We like them medium rare with a nice pink center and juices running down your arm, but you have it as you like it. We like them with a few premium toppings that are there for a reason, not just to sound good, or with hopes of going viral.

A family recipie for My Best Chili is a major favorite around here! It’s a hearty, warming chili just the right amount of kick.

We strive to elevate the burger experience to its top shelf – because you and your burger deserve better and served by a person who speaks the language of real service.

Our core mission is to serve fantastic signature burgers in a beautiful setting, with a friendly and exceptional service.

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